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There’s a good chance, when you’re working with large equipment, unique situations, or old materials, that you’re going to need a custom metal piece eventually. When you need something that you just can’t find on store shelves, give Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication a call for some customized metal fabrication! 

Metal fabrication is the process of bending or cutting metal to make a certain and specific structure or product. Custom metal fabrication is all about what the customer wants or needs regardless of the standard or original design. 

With our team of professionals and specialized equipment, Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication can make what you need, when you need it with our custom metal fabrication! 

Custom Metal Fabrication Process

The first step in any custom metal fabrication is to begin by getting an accurate estimate. Our estimating department works with our project managers and purchasers to make sure that all materials can be obtained before a project even begins. 

One of the biggest pitfalls of other fabricating contractors is that they need to send out to an outside contractor for a final inspection of plans and processes. We cut out the middle man and keep a certified welding inspector in-house to make the processes that much simpler! 

No matter what shape the material and metal may be in when your project gets going, whether structural or sheet metal, the team at Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication gets started and turns it into your design! This is all done through metal cutting, forming, and assembly. 

Metal Cutting

Whether your project begins as structural or sheet metal, there are many methods to get the project going. Punches, lasers, plasmas, shears, and saws can all be used to get started with your custom metal fabrication. 

Straight line cuts are typically made with a saw and the type of material determines the size of the saw that’s eventually used. Beams are passed through and the metal is cut into a wide variety of sizes with this method. When more intricate cuts are required, shears are used to get small corners and crevices completed. 

When it comes to complicated shapes like circles and curves, a laser or plasma can be used! Typically, these are controlled by a computer and can cut with great precision for the job at hand. For the final touch, notches and punches are used to create an opening on the metal at any size or shape! 


Once metals are cut and free from the rest of the sheet, they can be sent into a machine to be formed. This is done with a great deal of force and pressure which gives the metal the desired shape for the project at hand. 

There are several different techniques you can use when you’re forming the metal including press baking and rolling. These can be used on metals of all different thicknesses and sizes! 

Some press brake projects that are common in this industry are machine guarding, pans, clips, cylinders, cones, angles, beams, square and rectangular tubing, and pipe. All of these are continuously updated as new methods and technologies become available! 

Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication works to ensure that the best team members are at the forefront when making your custom metal fabrication. No two projects are unique and each one should be treated differently. Our team works with you to make sure the best materials and practices are used each and every time you set out to make a custom fabrication! 


After all the metal has been formed, the pieces are brought together, assembled, and joined. Often, this requires welding the pieces together via intense heat without compromising the integrity of the metal project. Here is where you’ll start to see the final project and design begin to emerge! 

Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication works with the best welders who are all highly skilled and certified in this type of construction. With many different interests and levels of expertise, there’s definitely someone on our team who can tackle your project with ease! 


Every finished and assembled project has to be inspected by a certified welding inspector or CWI. By having our own in-house CWI, Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication ensures that you don’t need to end up at the bottom of someone else’s list! 

After each fabrication project is completed, our in-house CWI, checks everything over to make sure it meets regulations and holds up to scrutiny. By testing and re-testing everything, your custom metal fabrication comes to you fully inspected and ready for use! 

Finishing Touches

Once your project has been assembled, you may want to see it painted, powder coated, or blasted. With our team, there’s no need to send it out to a sub-contractor as we can industrial paint, powder coat, or blast your project in-house! Save yourself time and money when you work on a custom metal fabrication with Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication! 


After your custom metal fabrication project is assembled and had the finishing touches put on, it’s time to send it off to it’s new home! With easy access to a wide range of shipping methods, Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication can send your project off to you in no time flat. 

How to Save on a Custom Fabrication

When you see the word “custom” on any type of project, there’s a good chance the price tag will seem to get a bit out of control. There are plenty of ways to save when you’re working with a custom metal fabrication! 

The first thing you want to do is start working with a team of professionals who know and understand the industry. Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication has years of experience in this business and we start every project with a quote so you can budget accordingly. 

There are many different fabrication companies that contract out to others during the process. Everything we do when it comes to your custom metal fabrication is done in house, right down to the final inspection from our CWI! 

Choose your materials carefully and invest in those that will stand the test of time. This may end up costing you a bit more up-front but it will help keep you working for years rather than a much shorter amount of time. 

No Time Like the Present

When you need a custom metal fabrication project done, there’s no time like the present to get started! By contacting Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication, our team can start you on the process of getting everything finished and ready to ship to you. 

Every part of our team from the welding contractors to the estimating team is here to serve you and your custom fabrication needs! 

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