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Pool Resurfacing in Dallas Texas

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Metal Fabrication

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Pool resurfacing services in Dallas, TX
Pool Resurfacing in Dallas Texas

Corpus Christi Welding and Fabrication

Our team can handle: 

  • Welding and fabrication 
  • Any and all blueprints and drawings 
  • Determining the correct welding equipment or method for the project 
  • All structural metal fabrication 
  • Gouging 
  • Oxy-fuel cutting 
  • Flux core arc welding 
  • Stick metal arc welding 

We also do: 

  • 2G, 3G, 4G and 6GR welding 
  • Complete joint penetration welds 
  • Commercial and residential projects including: 
  • Auto-gates 
  • BBQ pits 
  • Burglar bars 
  • Fences 
  • Gates 
  • Handrails 
  • Railings 
  • Staircases 

Mobile Welding Repairs

Let’s face it: when something breaks down, it never breaks down in a convenient place or where your welder happens to be! Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication can come to you when things need a solid and budget-friendly mobile welder in Corpus Christi. Our team works with a wide range of materials, all over Corpus Christi and the surrounding area. 

We can get your project finished on time and under budget even when we come out to you. Materials can be tricky for other types of welders and fabricators but we work with all types of material including steel, wrought iron, cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel! Other welding or fabricating contractors may not be able to work with the smaller spaces your project requires but our team at Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication can squeeze in and get the job done. 

Wherever you happen to find yourself in the Corpus Christi area, give our team a call and get that welding project finished fast! 

New Construction

Welding and steel work is crucial with new construction and when it comes to new construction, business is booming. Being able to rely on the welds and fabricated supports can mean a world of difference when you’re putting up a new residential or commercial building! 

Structural Steel

As you get ready to put up your new business or building in or around Corpus Christi, you’ll need some serious structural steel. This is what holds the whole building together and keeps things from collapsing! 

Our team at Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication works with structural steel for any and all fabrication and erection of new construction. To make things simple, we fabricate, in-house, base plates that go up to 1.5” thick and have 1.5” diameter holes, structural steel columns, and structural steel beams. 

This structural steel fabrication and welding is used on one-story buildings like restaurants, gas stations, churches, residential housing, and other types of commercial buildings right here in our community of Corpus Christi! 

Miscellaneous Steel

If you’re not using big steel beams and girders in your small residential home here in Corpus Christi, you may think you don’t need welding and fabrication services at all. Just wait! Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication can get you set up with brand new steel driveway gates, dumpster or service yard gates, bollards, handrails, guard rails, fencing, roof access ladders, or even just decorative steel! 

Even if the steel and welds aren’t going into your home or building to support it, you still want a team who knows what they’re doing as they put up your new gates or railings. Not only will it need to be structurally sound, it should look great too. Our team takes both into consideration as we work to create something wonderful for your home! 

Welding Equipment Repairs

Keeping your business running means your equipment needs to be in great shape and repaired quickly if breakdowns occur. When your equipment stops working, giving Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication a call will have you back on track in no time. 

Our team of welding and fabrication contractors can come right to you when a problem occurs. Instead of waiting days or weeks for your equipment to make its way back from our shop to yours, our team comes to you and gets the job done the same day even! 

Gates and Fencing

In our shop, we have the unique ability to fabricate any fence or gate you could need or want for your home or business. We start this project by sitting down to talk to you about how you’d like your gate or fence designed then get started with all the details. 

In addition to fabricating this fencing to your exact design specifications, we also install the fence for you! Put your post hole diggers away and let us do all the hard work for you. 

Decorative Steel

There’s something very appealing about a well fabricated steel sign for your business or restaurant! Our team at Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication can make your sign stand out from the crowd with custom made decorative steel work. 

Outdoor Structures

No backyard in Texas is complete without some sort of outdoor structure! Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication can build what you need when you want to get out of the sun, create a welcoming retreat for friends and family, or just improve the way your home looks from the curb. 

Unlike wood or other degradable materials, steel won’t wear away with the long days in the sun or suddenly become subject to an infestation. When you invest with our team and put in a steel patio cover, you’ll have something that will last a lifetime! Our team of welding contractors in Corpus Christi works with thicker steel so you never have to worry about it going bad or wearing out. 

Estimating Cost

Every project has a cost and when you work with Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication, we start with a free estimate! You’ll need to submit blueprints, drawings, and any files relating to the project for an accurate quote but once we have the information we can put together an accurate estimate for your project. 

Our entire estimating team at Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication works with project managers to make sure everything fits your standards and design. An estimate and quote with our team helps you budget for your next project and keeps everything moving forward! 


Before any project can begin, an inspection needs to be undertaken. Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication keeps a Certified Welding Inspector or CWI on staff so everything can be done in house! You won’t be kept waiting for the inspector to get you on his list or be brushed off when you need your inspection accomplished. 

All the fabricated materials that happen in-house are inspected and certified by our CWI. They make sure that all requirements are followed and your project can be safely installed once completed. The Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication CWI keeps in mind all of the requirements and codes for each project on site. 

While it may seem like a time-consuming process, these checks and balances work together to make sure every detail of your project is complete and safe! The CWI also makes sure your entire project has enough team members, materials, and certifications to keep moving forward. 

Our Welding Methods

There are several different ways to weld and make sure things come together the way they should. Our team of welders is versed in them all and we utilize them as needed at our job sites. 

Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication is well versed in stick/arc welding (SMAW), metal inert gas welding (MIG or GMAW), tungsten inert gas welding (GTAW), and flux-cored arc welding. Each of these has a purpose in different projects and with our team of welding professionals, we can accurately decide which to use so you get the maximum benefit! 

Over the years, welding has changed drastically and evolved into a highly specific process that takes plenty of training to master. Each method of welding is unique to the task at hand and uses several different types of tools and materials! 

Stick/Arc Welding (SMAW)

This is one of the oldest methods of welding, dating back to 1802 and involves a consumable electrode with a flux-coated core wire which gives an electric current. When this electrode comes in contact with the metal being welded, it creates an electric arc and begins generating high temps up to 6500 degrees! 

The high heat melts the electrode and the metal creating a weld. Stick/arc welding is useful as it doesn’t require shielding gas and still works on rusty metals! Thinner metals however, can make the process complicated so it’s best to use arc welding on heavy-duty metals that are typically used in heavy equipment, steel erection, and pipeline welding. 

Metal Inert Gas Welding (MIG or GMAW)

This is an extremely common type of welding process and has been used since the 1960’s! When completing MIG welding, a gun is fed with a consumable electrode that continuously melts and adheres creating a weld. The gun utilizes an external gas that shields the welded metal from environmental factors. 

Compared to other methods, this is a very simple method to learn! There are also less welding fumes, it’s very efficient, and requires a lot less heat input. The equipment to accomplish this type of welding is expensive and doesn’t work as well on thicker materials. It also requires an additional external shielding gas to complete the process. 

Ideally, MIG welding is used with a wide range of alloys like stainless steel, aluminum, silicon bronze, magnesium, copper, and nickel. All of this type of welding is used in auto repair, construction, plumbing, robotics, fabrication, as well as maritime repairs. 

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG or GTAW)

Originally released as a method in the 1940’s, TIG welding requires a steady hand and plenty of focus. It’s extremely time consuming to do and requires a high level of skill to even attempt. TIG works by fusing together two pieces of metal without any filler metal required. By utilizing this method, you create a high quality and spatter free weld that can be extremely thin when you’re finished. 

While this is a precise finished product that TIG produces, it does require an external shielding gas and won’t work on rusty or dirty materials. Due to this fact, TIG is most often used in aerospace welding, vehicles, motorcycles, tubing, and in high precision welds. 

Flux-Cored Arc Welding

At it’s core, flux-cored arc welding is very similar to SMAW! Instead of the electrode, it uses a tubular wire-filled flux that can be self-shielded or dual shielded with an external gas. This method is most often used when welding thick materials, heavy equipment repair, or in new construction like steel erection. 

Get Started Today!

While you likely haven’t learned every method or spent a significant portion of time studying how best to use these welding methods, have no fear! Your project is thoroughly analyzed and the correct weld is determined by our team of professionals at Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication. 

When we analyze, estimate, and begin work on your project, we take into account which method and design will work best for your fence, gate, or business sign. Throughout it all, your requirements, design details, and final goal are in mind. Give Corpus Christi Welding & Fabrication a call to get started with your first quote and estimate! 

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